Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Blog by Women for Men

Well leave it to He to come up with another revolutionary idea and He is pretty sure this is gold.

Fashion by She officially launches today!

Fashion by She will not be written by one person, for everyone women is a She. What better way to write Fashion by She then to ask all of the women of the world to be the authors. So what exactly does this all mean...

It means that anyone and everyone can submit posts to Fashion by She. Right now He is thinking most ladies will post about men's fashion but He is open to the ladies of the world writing about anything they want. It is after all your blog, He will just monitor it for spam.

You can submit any fashion articles that you find on the interview, videos, you can write you own post, include your own pictures, pretty much do anything you want within He-reason.

Should be a pretty cool idea, bring the world the latest and greatest in fashion. So ladies get to it, start submitting your post, articles and ideas for all the world to read.

Read Fashion by She.

P.S. Just confirmed a HUGE Giveaway for Thursday...Stay Tuned

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