Friday, March 11, 2011

FashionHelp by He...Tatttos

(pic from LBL and facebok)

Hello He! I just had a quick little question for you! I saw a picture of the insanely hot Megan Fox, and I just had to ask He his opinion : What do you think about girls with tattoos? Does it amp up the hot factor, or detract from it? Does it matter how big the tattoos are, where they are, what they are of? What are the hottest places a girl could get a tattoo? back, arm, sex line, foot, hands, wrist, ankle, rib, nape of neck, hip? I realize that was more then one question, but I just HAVE to know He's opinion! Thanks much! your's, Elle B

Another great email from the ArmHe readers. He has wrote about tattoos and piercings once before, but not a bad topic to come back to. He isn't a huge tattoo fan, still, but He doesn't write anyone off just because they have a tattoo. And Yes, certain tattoos on certain people definitely can "amp up" the hot factor, ie Megan Fox. Sleeve Tattoos, huge back tattoos, pretty much large sized tattoos, He tends to stay away from...the female body is too hot to go covering with artwork. Hottest places for a girl to get a tattoo might be the side of the rib cage. He has seen a bunch of people with them later and think they look pretty good. Trying to think of where else would be a hot place for a any ideas, let He know.

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