Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess That Celebrity Style?

Round 2 of everyone's favorite game, Guess that Celebrity style. This chick has recently come back into He's life through a TV that He has really gotten into. He will give you a hint, she happens to be topless in a lot of the episodes? Very cute chick, great great smile and obviously a killer body. Gonna guess styling doesn't come naturally to this one, but she pulls it together regardless. So now the question is who is that Celebrity? Click Read More to find out!

Hello Emmy Rossum, He thinks He loves you. Her new show is Shameless on Showtime, definitely worth checking out. Her style in the show is nothing special, but still a great show and she steals the lead. Decided He would gather a variety of pictures in stead of just one look, so that the ArmHe can give her the old approval based on some more pics. Did anyone guess right?

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