Friday, March 11, 2011

A Moment In...Fashion?!?!

Unfortunately this brand A Moment In... has one of the hardest to navigate websites in the world. Why you would design a website in which its next to impossible to see the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is beyond He's understanding. He would think you would want to make it easy for people to see your work, and hell even write blog posts about it. But what does He know, He is after all only the King of Fashion. So all He could really find are these Holiday pics really the best part are the textured leggings. Hard to see, but they are styled over the wedges, its a look He has featured before but a reminder never hurts. Rarely do you see girls pull the leggings over the heels or wedges, but when its done right, looks real good.

P.S. These pictures are from Revolve Clothing, the same site that featured Allie Crandell, the super skinny model. Apparently after reading the article on FbyHe they decided to give her a hot dog and remove her from the site. Keep your head up Allie, He would still love to take you out to dinner.

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