Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank You...A.L.C. Clothing

(top row from fall collection, bottom row from resort collection)

Andrea Lieberman = A.LC. Clothing. "realized collection comprised of daring silhouettes, chic, modular separates and perfectly engineered basics." He doesn't want to plagarize, but that sounds just like what He was gonna say. Actually the reason He likes this line for its simplicity, good lines. Not showing off a lot here, but what is hidden is sometimes better. The Resort Collection actually really makes He want to take a She to a beach somewhere and just hang out for the next 4 months until it heats back up. By the way if you don't have any long dresses, long maxi dresses in your closet. It might be something you want to go pick up now before everyone has one. Just a little warm weather heads up. The long dresses are coming, and for most of them He's got no problem with it.


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