Friday, March 11, 2011

READER EMAIL: Metallic Fur Uggs...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm sorry for ruining your day. If you thought Uggs couldn't get any worse, I'm afraid you were a little too preemptively optimistic.

Excuse me, I left something out (as if that weren't enough:)
I saw a mid-twenties, otherwise pretty woman on the subway a few days ago, and I was shocked. Let's just saw I heard more than a few snickers as she stepped off the platform.
I couldn't get a picture, but it looked like a combination of these (see attached.)
I mean, I'm in eighth grade and I know this is wrong!
Sarah C
(A very young and very disgusted ArmHe member)

Well Sarah, Thanks for the email. First off you didn't ruin He's day in fact you made it 100x better. Anytime someone joins the War on UGGS, He smiles a little bit bigger. The fact that the ArmHe has 8th grade members means that Fashion by He is reaching the youth of this world young enough to shape their little minds. Hopefully by the time these young ArmHe members grow up they will shape the fashion world under He's rule.

It is hard for He to even imagine combining metallic uggs and fur uggs. Just way too much to handle on a Monday. But yea there is no way that can possibly look good. Just another day of the War on Uggs in full affect, see someone in UGGS and point and laugh. Bingo!

P.S. Keep the emails and fashion pics coming He's way.

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