Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Miss World beauty pageant is an annual event that attracts great personalities from around the world. The show has a lot to do with the fashion industry. The beauty contest is one of the best trend setters in the fashion world.

miss world


The Miss World beauty pageant competition is a very awesome show that brings the most beautiful ladies in the world together. The contestants in the show are usually ladies who have already won the beauty queen contest in their respective countries. These reining queens gather together every year to compete for the one enviable position of Miss World mapped out for the year.

One thing striking about this competition is the amount of fashion accessories involved in the show. From year to year, the show goes by a different mode of fashion trend to show the diversity nature in fashion. The beauty contest is normally held in major cities of the world on a rotational basis. The ladies involved are expected to be very verse in the art of modeling. The show sets up the fashion trend for that particular year for most ladies all over the world. It is such an event that attracts millions of people from around the world. Greater majority of the people who cannot make it normally watch the shows from their homes via T.V stations from around the world.

In the final analysis, the Miss World beauty contest is indeed a trailblazer for the fashion world. It is one of the shows that are used to promote new fashion wears and accessories. It is indeed a pace setter and equally a trend setter for the fashion enterprise. The show is one of the greatest propellers for the fashion world. It has a lot of positive effect for the fashion industry.

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