Friday, March 11, 2011

FashionHelp by He...Finger Nails

Hello He !
I read your post about women's hair, that guys do care about hairstyles. And what you can say about hands? Does bad mani or, overall, ugly and sloppy hands make a difference?
I'm getting curious over things, that not every women care about and every men do !
Love from overseas,

Quote from August 2009 Post on FbyHe: "Honestly, He can give two sh*ts about the colors you paint your nails. As long as they aren't gross and disguisting paint them whatever the hell color you want. He just thought he would point out that pink has become popular this summer."

Not much has changed. While He still doesn't care a whole lot about the colors of your nails, and He can confidently say no other guy cares either, they must be well manicured and taken care of. Men are animals, women are suppose to be put together. Not guy wants to go near a chick with gross ugly nails/hands/feet, probably just as much as you don't want to go near a guy with nasty hands either. So stop in, get your nails did, and make everyone happier, ya might feel better too.

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