Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess That Celebrity Style?

If you ain't growing you better words have been spoken. Leave it to He to come up with another amazing feature on Fashion by He. Remember ShoeSmash? Brillant! Now He brings you Guess that Celebrity Style...Easy enough, He will post a picture of someone, and you can try and guess who it might be. For the first ever Guess that Celebrity Style, we are featuring a He Approved look so hot, it's making He's head you know who this celebrity is?
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Megan Fox...Wow! Short shorts, high socks and some crazy bootie wedges. She might not have the best style of all the celebrities in the world, but He thinks we can all agree this is a hot look! Even though its winter in NYC, He will have you know short shorts, tights and heels is by far his #1 look this season. Throw some thigh high sock over the tights, He might like it even more, hard to tell. Homerun outfit, and a great way to kick off this new feature on FbyHe.

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