Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Syren and Look Like Katy Perry...

Back in October He did a blog post about whether or not Latex would catch on and become more mainstream. (Read it Here) Katy Perry has been rocking the latex dresses for quite a while now, as seen here, then Agent Provocateur introduces latex leggings after He's post. Well He got bored the other day and decided to make all your latex dreams come true, but finding the designer of the Katy Perry latex dress, meet Syren. Now even though Syren is a fetish fashion designer, He is kinda thinking that every peice featuerd above could be worn in a non-fetish way. Aka if you saw someone wearing it out one night, you really wouldn't think twice about it. Of course, this being said, it would have to be styled appropriately. (dominatrix gear left at home.) What does the ArmHe think can the above items be pulled off or not?

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