Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey He...It's Freezing Out! Are Knit Leggings OK?

(top row: American Apparel, bottom row: L.A.M.B. shopbop, Threadsence)

Are Knit Leggings okay for winter? Great question you ask (He asked it) yes knit leggings are okay for winter. Hell if it was acceptable for He to wear those things, He might. But here are some things He is seeing many people do wrong.

1) These need to fit like normal leggings, tight! If they are all loose and gross well then they aren't He Approved.
2) Not Pants - while leggings can be pants, these just look like weird pajamas as pants, throw something over them please
3) Keep the designs in check. Let's not go overboard and buy knit leggings that look like your blind grandmother made.

Also not a bad idea to get leg warmers, those look real good with leggings or pants, and a pair of heels, another great way to stay a little warmer as winter keeps us cold.

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