Friday, March 11, 2011


We are 2 WEEK AWAY from the first ever FASHION BY HE PARTY...Whose ready? Location has finally be decided on, (Firefly Nyc) the date is set, all we need now is for you to RSVP, show up with friends, and look He Approved. YES! He will be there, you can get a chance to meet He, and if you are lucky enough, He might even buy you a drink. Click on the link to the right (in the sidebar) to RSVP. If you are no the list, don't worry, just show up, and tell them you are there to see HE. Garunteed Entry. Garunteed Good Time.

Also, He is running low on material and needs the ArmHe's help.

FashionINTERNATIONAL by He - send pics of craziness you see in the world to

HottHe of the Week - send in your nominations, self nominations to

FashionHELP by He - Haven't had any sign ups for this one in a long while, got a friend who needs serious fashion help? do you need a makeover? Email He some pictures and He is going to give you advice and tips on how to turn your style around.

See any crazy, ugly, unforunate items while online shopping? Send products to and you will most likely see that item bashed on FbyHe.

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