Friday, March 11, 2011

FashionGIVEAWAY By He...Love Clothing

If last weeks giveaway of Gypsy underwear wasn't good enough for you, well He is back to make August the Giveaway Month. That is correct, He has gotten another Giveaway set up for the ArmHe. Your Welcome! Like with all giveaways, pictures of the winner in the prize must be submitted (this actually has not happened once, but it really should.)

Giveaway: You can choose one of these two as your grand prize (see above): An Epidermis Dress by Motel: Zoe Dress 1 or Zoe Dress 2.

How to win: Must be a follower to win, Leave a Comment, ReTweet @fashionbyhe, Become a Facebook Fan of He, Become a I Love Clothing Fb Fan.

Who: This giveaway is sponsored by I Love Clothing, whose website is launching in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out their old site and buy stuff here: Phix Clothing. This contest will end Sunday 8/22.

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