Thursday, March 10, 2011

FashionHELP by He...Girls Walking in High Heels!

Dearest He,
I've noticed an increasing number of girls walking around in 5 inch heels who look like chickens. I am all for your motto "the higher the heel the hotter the girl" but can you please shed some light on the girls on the planet who can't walk in heels. Maybe there is a heel-tutor somewhere that could make a lot of money off of this...
Caroline (a girl who CAN walk in heels...)

So right off the bat, when celebrities or models fall, it is hysterical. None Stop Laughter and He thinks we can all agree on that. But what is a real problem is what proud ArmHe member, Caroline, brings up. Girls who think they can walk in heels, but can't. This is a different kind of laughter, the kind where everyone points and laughs, but in more of a "that's ridiculous, dumb girl" kinda way. He is pretty sure He did a post on this before, but 1300 posts later, who the hell can find anything.

Anyway, Caroline is right, there should be a how to walk in heels class or exercise type video, so girls can practice in their own homes. No one wants to be the loser of the group that doesn't know how to walk in heels. For those of you who fall into the "i can't walk in high heels category" here is a video to help. Either way learn how to walk in heels or don't come out of the house. This is a man eat man world, and the higher the heel, the hotter the girl.

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