Friday, March 11, 2011

FashionHELP by He...Heels & Rock Walkways

hi! I'm a freshman this year and my classes start monday. I always wear heels, skirts, etc... my problem is that my college is placed in the old part of the city and the roads are like the ones in the pictures, wich makes it IMPOSSIBLE to wear heels.can you please help me with suggestions of shoes and casual (but fashionable) outfits? xoxo joana :)

Well Joana thanks for the email. The easy way to respond is "You're F*cked!" But He is the King, and therefore has the abilities to search far and wide to provide the best answers to the ArmHe. Option 1: Heel Dice attached to the bottom of your heels, helps prevent them from getting stuck in the rocks, not a recommended option. Option 2: Try a heel with a thicker heel. Alexander Wang just came out with some pretty clunky heels that He is pretty sure are bigger then any holes you might encounter on your walk. Jeffrey Campbell also makes a pretty high heel that shouldn't get stuck either.


P.S. Goodluck in school, be sure to send He some pics of your outfits and the crazy walk you have ahead of yourself.

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