Friday, March 11, 2011

FbyHe Needs a Fashion by She...

He has been saying for a while now after a He comes, then a She will arrive. He is looking for the next great blogger to fill the roles and take over Fashion by She. She must be a dedicated, goodlooking, He approved kinda girl. He has no idea what kind of blog Fashion by She will become, He is going to leave that up to She to figure out. What He does know is that it can be similar to FbyHe, it can be full of your own outfit posts, witty humor, street pictures, anything and everything, hell it can be your current blog that we just change over to FbyShe. As you can see Fashion by She is pretty much up and ready to go; just needs someone to start posting.

So you want to be a She? Easy. Email and pretty much blow his mind. Tell He your plan for Fashion by She, include a link to your blog if you have one, a writting sample, pictures, pretty much anything you think will help you get the position. Do not just sent your resume, He doesn't care, send something that is going to win He over. He is also not against having a team of girls make up the position of She. Let's see what is out there, anyone ready to take on the position of Fashion by She?

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