Friday, March 4, 2011

Guess That Celebrity Style?

Round 2 of everyone's new favorite game, Guess that Celebrity style. Gotta tell ya once again incase you didn't hear He the first hundred times, backs are sexy. This chick has a great back, and that dress shows it off to perfection. So now the question is who is that Celebrity? Click Read More to find out!

Hello Rachel Bilson. Very much the girl next door, going a with a dress that shows off the awesome back and very little side boob. Usually its the more the merrier with side boob for He, but He supposes at movie events ya can't show it all. Still a He Approved Celebrity outfit for this week.

Sorry had to include one more picture, because if you don't wear a bra in a white tank top like this (He's favorite look) you get He Love. This is the stuff that drives guys wild, picture perfect if you will.

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