Friday, March 11, 2011

HottHe of the Week...Chelsea

Hello Chelsea! He didn't realize Chelsea was the new definition of small tight package. Guess good things do come in small packages. "I'm know for being a tiny girl with a loud mouth and a huge butt." Well that is never a bad thing. Maybe after this Chelsea will be known as the Fashion by He HottHe of the Week. In case you didn't realize, its kind of a big deal. He even sees some upper arm bangles going on in a few pictures and He thinks we all know by know how much He is a fan of that look. When you are young and goodlooking and have a body like Chelsea its okay to show off the "ass"ets. She keeps it classy, throws on some accessories to top it off and like all HottHe's Chelsea has the He Approved look.

How would you describe your style? My style is constantly evolving and a little schizophrenic sometimes but it think the best way to describe it is eclectic glitzy grunge. I love glitter and black leather and studs but I've been known to rock bows and pearls. I hate looking the same everyday. I am an accessories whore. Shoes are my kryptonite.

Favorite item you own? I think my favorite thing in my closet is my little black BCBG dress. It was an impulse buy an I always feel like I'm going to have a good night when I slip it on.

Who are your favorite designers? My favorite brands of the moment are Alexander McQueen (always and forever), Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Heatherette.

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