Friday, March 11, 2011

HottHe of the Week...Leat

As the HottHe of the Week continues, someone pointed out to He that every week the HottHe seems to get hotter and hotter. Well as much as He wants to take credit (the ArmHe is Hot) He can't. The ArmHe is emailing He constantly with HottHes. This week as a honor to summer, He introduces Leat. It was very hard to find enough pictures to fill the post, Leat doesn't seem to wear clothing a whole lot, just a bathing suit for this HottHe. But take warning, He is pretty sure Leat as a bad motherf*cker who served time in the Israeli Army. Like all other HottHe's that have been featured, come out and celebrate with He at the Fashion by He Party. Sorry that this new feature is still not working properly, hopefully soon He will be able to have it running properly and then everyone can see how cool its suppose to be. Until then...

How would you describe your style? I definitely love to incorporate classics with a touch of fun, glam with a sprinkle of boho and my own charm. My style changes with my mood. I like to incorporate my "feel" to my outfit for that particular day and event. Sometimes I feel preppy, and other times I feel sexy.I'm a graduate student so simple and cute by day and glamorous and daring by night...
Who are your favorite designers? That's a really tough question. For the classics and basics I'd have to say Prada, Club Monaco, and J Crew. For everything else, I go to small boutiques so that I don't really have to limit myself. I get the best of all worlds =)
Favorite item you own? My navy Miu Miu pumps. Navy is my new black! ♥

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