Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Much Longer Before Latex is Acceptable?

With the rise of popularity of the BCBG Skirts and the PDB Skirts, He starting wonder how much longer until Latex becomes an acceptable article of clothing. Woman already are wearing skin tight leggings, and skin tight skirts, but very few have gotten into the relm of latex. To He latex has always had that sexual aura about it, the kinky people dress up in latex body suits and go to gang bangs. But He is willing to bet sometime soon, a smart designer, perhaps one inspired by this very post, will come out with a fashion forward line of latex clothing.

It is the next logical step in fashion world. Leggings are tight, but don't show off leg, so we started added lace and rips and cuts into the. Skirts were short enough, so we made them shorter and tighter. Since we currently cannot get any tighter then the elastic dresses and skirts that have blanketed the world, the only possibly solution would be to bring latex into the mix, which will allow woman to wear a second layer of skin.

He sees absolutely nothing wrong with this movement. Hell He should start designing a line of this latex stuff, the pictures above look pretty damn good. Ok, so maybe you can't wear any underwear with it, and it might take a few hours to get on, but hell is that so different from the leggings, jeans, and bodycon dresses girls wear today? No! There you have it, He, the King of Fashion, went deep into the crystal ball and is going to predict everyone jump on the Latex bandwagon now, before it blows up

P.S. Any designers want to use this idea, please email He first, as its genius and He would like in on the production of the billions sure to follow. But its a great idea for James over at Black Milk Clothing.


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