Friday, March 11, 2011

Jimmy Choo...You are the ENEMY!

He has never had a problem with Jimmy Choo, hell He has even featured him as a Shoe of the Week before. But this latest stunt JC pulled is an act of war against the ArmHe. Winter is coming and the weather is getting colder again, which means the ARMHE will again take to the streets to continue the WAR ON UGGS. JC must be a pretty smart guy, he has made some good heels before, but what f*cking crack was he smoking when he designed and partnered with UGGS? Deos he not know that the ArmHe is gonna sh*t on him like a ton of bricks? The ArmHE is not to be f*cked with Mr. Choo. We have ruined designers before, and guess what, Jimmy Choo has just been named public enemy #2, right behind UGG. Goodluck on the battlefield, pretty sure you ugly ass UGGS aren't gonna f*cking help you win this war. Yea you might think you look cute in your f*cking sparkle shoes, but the ArmHe will hunt you down and burn the very UGGS you wear. Yea, He's fucking pissed, you turned your back on us, Choo, and the ArmHe does not forget!

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