Friday, March 11, 2011

Matching Twins Take 3...

This is officially the third edition of people who match. We had Denim Couple #1 and Men Who Match #2. If anything this makes the most sense since the girls were twins. But in any case, He was under the impression it was only cute for twins to match until a certain age, like 8. Doesn't dressing like each other become kind of old after a while? Its obviously not funny, and truthfully, they both look ridiculous dressing alike.

READ ME: You might be asking, "Hey He, What the F*ck is wrong with the website?" Well great question. He in an effort to take Fashion by He into the next level of awesomeness, He bought Of course it is not yet working for whatever reason the internet gods have created to frustrate He. Now blogger says that it takes 3 days for the site to fully start working, which if you ask He is total bulsh*t - "Blogger Transition" Hang in there, hopefully this will be fixed soon and comments, voting and following will all go back to normal. If you want to leave a comment, after clicking the comment button you probably get an error. In your web adress bar, just add after the fashionbyhe. Sorry for this crappy situation, He was only trying to make FbyHe a better place for you and He.

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