Friday, March 4, 2011

The Men's Wearhouse Experience...

As previously posted, Fashion by He got the experience of a lifetime, and In-Store Experience at Men's Wearhouse. He got the visit the Chelsea store location in NYC.

Men's Wearhouse has become one of the largest specialty retailers of men's apparel in the country, with more than 900stores carrying a full selection of designer and private-label suits, sport coats, casualwear, and accessories.

Upon walking into the store, He was instantly greeting by store Manager James and Style Consultant Michael. When you are welcomed in Men's Wearhouse there is an instant friend vibe, the people working there aren't typical sales guys, they WANT to help you look good.

We started in the suit section of the store, and there were options all over the place. Michael did a quick measure of He, and went right to the suit rack to pick a suit. He knew right away He wanted a gray suit, so Michael pulled three options from the rack. Bam, first suit He tried on was the one.

Next was a sports coat. He has always read, "buy a blue sports coat, and tailor the sh*t out of it." Michael was ready to go with options, blue, black, hounds tooth, He had it all. You might be thinking right about now, "Men's Wearhouse? Really? Don't they just have MW suits?" Well let He tell you this, brand name clothing all over the place and at awesome prices. He ended up with a great looking Calvin Klein blazer. Can you say -- $100!
In case you were ever wondering about whether or not chicks like guys in suits. Well they do. Here is the proof: The Well-Dressed Men Survey.

After buying up the store, He was taken to the changing room, where it was time to meet the tailor. This guy went to town. Got the Suit, The Blazer, and Two Button Down Shirts Tailored.
"Every guy needs variety in their closet." Men's Wearhouse has been and will continue to be the He-go-to-location for all He's suits, sport coats, blazers, ties, and accessories.
They guaranteed He would like the way He looked. Sure enough, He liked the way He looked. He guarantees it.

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