Friday, March 11, 2011

More Great Ways to Freak a Guy Out...

A lady knows the importance of tidy landscaping, and we understand the demands of a busy woman. Meet Trim & Proper—the nude, cotton spandex panties that cover mishaps, misshapes and outright neglect. Our perfectly manicured façades can even let you tryout your next style before making the mistake of a hasty commitment.

Once again, He introduces another strange form of clothing that boggles He's mind. We had the hairy p*nties, then the penis envy underwear, and lastly the boob shirt. Now apparently Trim and Proper brings you underwear with the hair pattern on the outside??! He isn't even sure He gets it. Instead of shaving into a landing strip, wearing nude color underwear is suppose to give the same affect? Umm, isn't the point of shaving the landing strip for when the underwear comes off? Then what happens? Like "Hahaha I have a landing strip on my underwear, but not on my body, gotcha!" Sorry, but that's not funny, He doesn't get the joke.

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