Saturday, March 5, 2011 Showing He Some Love...

Doesn’t it feel like men’s fashion perspectives have been neglected lately? I think it’s time to give the guys some credit, which is why we’re featuring an amazing blog called, Fashion by HE for this week’s edition of Weekend Read.

Fashion by HE talks all things style through a GUYS point of view: ”[the blog] was created by a fashion and stylist expert in an effort to pass along his knowledge to the world. He has absolutely no training and comes to this post with little to no knowledge about fashion, yet somehow HE manages to captivate the attention of millions everyday.”

This blog is not only captivating, but insightful and hilarious as well. I especially love the NYC fashion mishap posts (proof that the fashion capital is human after all). His stark attitude and ever-present opinion is much needed and quite refreshing. I can’t forget the Shoe-of-the-Week and Hott HE-of-the-Week posts either, “HE” has great taste in both! So head on over to Fashion by HE this weekend for a fresh perspective on fashion in the blogosphere!

What better way to start the weekend then some FbyHe Love...just the continuing story of a King and the ArmHe dominating the fashion world.

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