Friday, March 11, 2011

Sheer and Lace...Things that Make He Smile!

Is there anything better then lace and sheer? No, there really isn't. Probably two of the sexiest materials man has ever made. Even though the weather is getting colder and the layers are starting to pill up, doesn't mean anyone is getting rid of the sheer or the lace anytime soon. Leggings and tights, are going to be running wild, do you see the size of He's smile? Yea well its pretty big. Sheer Sheer everywhere, and guys continue to turn heads, because we love it.

Its cold, He gets it, but that doesn't mean you can stop expose the bra in style, a One-Piece is still a must have. Side bar real quick, how are One-Piece still so underrated? Do you people not get how awesome the are? You wear a One-Piece and a guy thinks lingerie, aka sex, aka you look hot, aka awesomeness. Glad we cleared that up.

Right so back to sheer and lace, which go hand in hand. He just felt the need to let the ArmHe know one more time how awesome these two are, and just because its now official fall and soon to be winter, you can keep wearing these two without a problem.

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