Friday, March 11, 2011

The Shoes Weren't Enough?!?!?

Here we go again. First it was Reebok coming out with the EasyTone shoes, that were suppose to make the ass look amazing. Fine, whatever, if you want to wear special sneakers because you think your ass is going to turn out as good as the models in the video, well that's your own issues you have to work out. But now if you are gonna buy into this EasyTone clothing deal, now we got a problem. Sorry folks, but Dr. He has done extensive research* an all experiences proved that wearing EasyTone bras and pants made women look any better, or the work out that much more effective. He just wanted to make sure all the ladies in the ArmHe saw this as a scam. Just looking out for you little ladies.

*Little to No research was done

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