Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Bowl by He...What to Wear

This is a repost: During the football season, which is quickly approaching, men feel that women should be seen and not heard. By seen guys simply mean bringing us food and beer. It's an unfortunate world that we live in but this time a year is very important to us Hes, here are some tips to make it more enjoyable. Go to Victorias Secret and get yourself some of these underwear, make sure to buy the one's with your mans team on it., otherwise you will just piss him off. Next buy a tshirts from that same team. Before all his fellow Hes show up, make sure to prance around the house wearing just the underwear and tshirt, let us call this the "pregame warm up." When the party arrives and the game starts, just keeping bringing food and beer to your man. Stick with the tshirts, or a mini jersey. Its a good way to get him to notice your still there. Be into the game, and by that He means sit there and watch. Don't get pissed if He ignores you, its football season, get over it. If a guy yells at the screen don't tell him "they cant hear you" we know, we will still yell. If our team loses, be nice, we probably won't be in the best mood. Just remember if you look good, it'll help us get over the loss, or enjoy the win that much more.

P.S. Woman go get me a beer and some food, and you better look good doin it.

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