Monday, March 7, 2011

Tee-Knees Starts Children Way to Young!

Nothing like teaching your little girl that wearing knee pads is okay. Is it just He, or does anyone else think this is completely inappropriate. As a guy, if He ever has a daughter, not only will she be locked up in a room until shes 25, and not allowed anywhere near guys, but if you think as an early infant, He is gonna put this girl into knee pads you've got to be crazy. Hey little, here are some knee pads, way to prepare your daughter for a life of being on her knees. F*ck this sh*t, gets get bumps, they get bruises, He is really sick of all this children protection crap. He grew up just fine, never wore knee pads, or wrist guards. Ya got hurt, it healed and life moved on. Parents need to get over themselves. (Thanks to Libby for the Tip)

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