Friday, March 11, 2011

Turbans and Head Gone Wild...

He has never been a fan of anything on top of a girls head. Some girls look cute in baseball hats, but things are starting to get out of control. Lately we have started seeing Turbans, flower headbands, Sparkle bands, Animals and god knows what else. Really, it's enough already with this sh*t. It doesn't look good, it looks more ridiculous then anything. Stay away, far far away from any of the above pictured or mentioned items. If you choose to wear them, you must understand that the only thing you will be attracting is worried and scared stares.

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In case you didn't know:
Fashion by He Party is TONIGHT!!!!! THE ARMHE UNITES TONIGHT!...
FIREFLY, NYC - 54 Spring Street

Come out Meet He, Meet other NYC bloggers, make new friends, have some drinks, dance, party and have a good time.

P.S. He will be the good looking guy by the bar. But He is sure you already knew that.

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