Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Hide What We All Want?

INCOQNITO creates discreet, high quality instruments of pleasure. At first glance, many of the items are elegant pieces of jewelery handcrafted with fine materials. Specially designed for use at your own discretion, these items are also objects to enhance your sexual pleasure. Daytime wear gracefully evolves into nighttime arousal, each item in our collection alludes to a different evocative experience.

Well Sign He Up. Everyone loves sex, so why not wear a little piece of jewelry that can add to it. Here is a list of what is featured in the pictures above. Isn't it great to know you have a little hidden secret that no one else knows about.

Leather Handcuffs
Stylish cuff bracelets crafted from fine leather double as handcuffs for a dose of risqué fun.

Dropplet Necklace - A pair of discreet nipple vibrators on a 43” stainless steel chain fashioned from fine metals allows for the ultimate lustful experience.

Lash Belt - An adjustable belt that transforms in to a sexy whip.

Blade Necklace - Make a bold statement with this daring blade sculpted from hand cut glass for use as an instrument for sensation.

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