Monday, March 7, 2011

Cuddling Up Next to He....

Well with more snow falling in NYC, He got an emailing asking for Tips on good "cuddling up" apparel. It was actually a great idea, middle of winter, what is better then sleeping late, breakfast in bed, and cuddling up on the couch? Who wouldn't want an opportunity to do that with He for a weekend? In case you did get the chance, here is a little preview of what He would expect from a CozHe lady, listed in no special order.

1) Yoga Pants - Leggings - Gods give to man.
2) Hanes White Tank Tops - aka wife beaters - No Bra Needed - one of He's Favorite looks of all times.
4) Boyfriend Button down - Means it was a good night, pair with boy shorts for extreme happiness.
5) Pajama Pants - Cute but Pajama shorts are cuter
6) Boy shorts - Never Granny P*nties, no way no how, Boy shorts are the way to go, pair with a tank top, long sleeve shirt, pretty much anything and He will be happy.
7) T-Shirts - The softer the better, a boyfriends, a hand-me-down, but again He prefers the bra remains on the floor.
8) Lingerie, Lace, Babydolls, Teddys, etc - Don't get He wrong, He loves all of these, but are better at night then they are in the morning. Make the switch over to something more comfortable and cute. Leave the sexy and hot outfits as a memory of the night.

And of course no matter what you end up wearing, remember, He takes He's coffee black, eggs over easy and butter on white toast.

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