Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion by He...Heel Height-O-Meter...

Well He thought it was about time to introduce you to the Fashion by He Heel-Height-O-Meter. This is a brand new invention by He, created, design and operated by He. It is quite simple, invented so that even the dumbest of people can still figure it out. "The Higher the Heel, The Hotter the Girl!" Bam plan and simple, but now He made a freaking picture to simplify it for you ladies. Instead of tweeting at He (@fashionbyhe) when you are shoe shopping (which of course you can still do) He has no provided you with a safe proof system for buying shoes.

Get to it, Go 4" or Go Home! Size matters to women, fine, some man crawl into a hole, some man stand proud. He went out and turned the tables. NOW Sizes matters to us too! He really should had made the word bad go all the way to the 3" heel, but whatever, consider this draft 1. The world wasn't made in one day, and neither was the Heel-Height-O-Meter.

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