Friday, March 11, 2011

Pink Hair for Hope...Support the Boobs!

He has posted about adding color to your hair before, but not until recently was there ever a reason to do it more then there is now. He has always been a big supporter of boobs, and therefore we gotta do what we can to keep them alive and well.

He had dinner with some friends this weekend. Julie, had a streak of pink in her hair. He just thought it was just another girl looking to hair some crazy color to her hair, but Julie informed He that the pink was no game, it was Pink Hair for Hope. Apparently salons around the country are teaming up and collecting donations for these pink hair extensions. All proceeds go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you have ever thought of trying out some color if your hair, He would suggest you find a local participating hair salon and get some pink hair added asap. Here are some NYC Salons. (Thanks to ArmHe member jacqueline for the top left pic)

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