Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweatpants and Heels...Yes or No?

This topic has already been covered by many others, but not once by the King of Fashion. He decided that since Fall is quickly approaching it was time to let you know the good, the bad and the ugly of sweatpants and heels. First off, He has no problem with sweatpants, you want to walk around the house with them, be comfortable on the weekends, go for it. Lately people have been trying to style up their sweatpants, He is going to guess soley for the laziness factory. Sweatpants are comfortable, He totally understands, but let's watch out for a few things. First off, if you are going to wear them out in public, try not to look like a homeless person. Next, if you are going to wear sweatpants and heels, they cannot be the same sweatpants that you got back in college that look beat to sh*t. Capri Sweatpants can be pulled off by a select few, Mariah Carey is not one of those people, as you can see above. Heels and sweatpants should be considered an artform so few people can actually pull off this look. Really the problem isn't people pulling it off, its how they try and style the sweatpants. (Thanks to BP for the idea)

Got a Pic of Sweatpants and Heels? Show He how you style this look for a follow up post - He-mail pictures to

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